Can you read these short melodies?

Listen to Re and La (the notes d and a)

A1  A1  (Listen to ex A.1)

A2 A2  (Listen to ex. A.2)

A3  A3  (Listen to ex. A.3)

A4   A4   (Listen to ex. A.4)

A5   A5  (Listen to ex. A.5)

Partner work:

1. Ensemble performance

If you can read these very fluently, choose any two and perform them at the same time. (If you choose A4 or A5 you might want to repeat them or combine them to make them the same length as the others.)

2. Improvisation

With one (or even two) member(s) of the group singing any melody above, the other member, using an instrument, should try to create a melody which fits well with the melody of the other(s), but using more notes. Use only “white” keys. You may find keeping to D, A, C, E and G helpful in the first instance . Remember that D and A will be the notes you will most likely want to start and finish on!