Jean-Philippe Rameau – Trois Pièces Pittoresques (1. Le Rappel des Oiseaux; 2. L’Enharmonique; 3. Tambourin), arranged by John Mason

Wind Quintet (Fl, Ob, Cl in A, Hn in F, Bn)

Advanced level: Duration 13 mins 30” (with all optional repeats; 7’30” without).

These arrangements for wind quintet of three of the Pièces de Clavecin  are well-suited for performance as a group together or as separate concert items. The outer movements, Le Rappel des Oiseaux (‘The Dawn Chorus’) and Tambourin (‘Pipe and Drum’) from 1724 are colourful evocations of natural and human phenomena, of the type in which Rameau’s predecessor, François Couperin, excelled. The central L’Enharmonique from 1727 is more ponderous, reflective and sensible. Its title points to Rameau’s fascination with music theory and the scope and impact of chromatism. The writing of notes inégales and agréments strives to be both authentic and practical, both artistically and regarding their distribution over the five instruments. A joy to perform and a hit with audiences!

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