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Other Amphion Projects closely related:

“Villagers’ Dance – Autunno 1” and Basso Continuo (Vivaldi’s L’Autunno 2) are clearly related through reference to the same work. But just as the movements contrast, so too do the exercises derived from them. Villagers’ Dance probably should precede Basso Continuo both from the angle of studying the whole concerto and from the difficulty of the material.

Recommended recordings of The Four Seasons (Le quattro Stagione) include:

  • Kennedy + English Chamber Orch. (EMI – CDC7495572) – gives some interesting creative stimuli to the work of this project, especially the 2nd movement of Autumn
  • Onofri + Il Giardino Armonico (TELDEC – 4509-97127-2) – a lively and expressive version in the ‘authentic’ style.
  • Mutter + Trondheim Soloists (Deutsche Gramophon – DG 463 259-2) – an excellent traditional interpretation.

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Study score of The Four Seasons
Edition Eulenburg: No.1222 Vivaldi op.8 no.3 L’Autunno

Aural practice with intervals
There are many interactive websites providing opportunities for students to develop and consolidate their interval recognition skills

Recommended reading on Vivaldi and basso continuo playing:

Michael Talbot, 1979: Vivaldi, BBC Music Guides, London (ISBN 0 563 12856 9)
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Paul Everett: Vivaldi – The Four Seasons, CUP:Cambridge (ISBN 0-521-406927)
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R.O.Morris,1933: Figured Harmony at the Keyboard (Parts I & II), O.U.P., Oxford (ISBN 0-19-321471-7 & 0-19-321472-5) – a superb didactic method even today!
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The following Websites can help you discover more about Vivaldi and Basso Continuo


The MIDI-file for The Girl from Ipanema come from Don Carroll
The MIDI-file for Eleanor Rigby comes from Bob Mace

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