MINIDORO comprises two practical projects on minimalist improvisation, each evolving from the same small MIDI file. The first can be used at a very simple level. The second introduces some quite complex ideas and is suitable for older students. The second project is clearly related to the first, so both teachers and students may find overlapping the projects both stimulating and productive.

The MINIDORO I project provides an excellent way of developing motor skills on almost any pitched instruments, tuned percussion being particularly appropriate. At the same time it encourages the art of careful listening and improvisation using all the “white” keys. The project works with as many or as few members in the group as you wish, i.e. from the individual to the full class. Simple extensions of the basic material (which are provided) can lead easily and effectively to minimalist style composition and the understanding of modal music. The project is closely modelled on “Minimal Model -Vorlage fuer eine Minimal-Art-Improvisation” by Valentin Schmitt which appears in “Rock & Song aktuell”, Gustav Bosse Verlag, Regensburg,1984

In MINIDORO II specific minimalist techniques – changing mode, melody-over and phasing – are explored through improvisation, composition and informed listening.

Age range: 2-5 No: 6-8 simpler aspects possible: 9-11 basic project would work well ; 12-13 works well; 14-15 works well; 16-17 very useful; 18+ very useful

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