Amphion Music

resources for performers, composers and teachers

1. Amphion Music in Print

For Wind Quintet

For Woodwind Quartet

Trios with Winds (including with basso continuo) Platti arr. & completed Mason, Trio in G (Fl, ob, b.c.)

For Mixed Ensembles (including Winds with Piano and/or Voice)

For Youth Theatre

School Orchestra

Classroom Orchestra

Graded piano pieces Triggs, Merlin the Marvellous Musician (20 simple pieces); Triggs, Countdown to Grade One (Fourteen Funful  Piano Pieces)

2. Amphion Music Projects

resources in composing and understanding musical styles

suited to whole-class, group and individual application

3. Amphion Music Basics

new ways to gain a great foundation in musical skills: suited to whole-class, group and individual application

Why Amphion Music? In ancient Greek mythology, Amphion was one of the sons of Zeus. While building the fortifications to the city of Thebes, Amphion played so beautifully the lyre which had been given to him by Hermes that the stones moved into place of their own accord. We hope you find all the building blocks in these musical projects move into place with similar ease and that you – and your students, too – will be able to equal Amphion’s musical prowess in a very short time!

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