Minidoro 1

General Preparation Notes

The MINIMODE midi-file (simple) (click to play: drag to desktop to save and import to your sequencer) comprises two bars which should be constantly repeated. To do this:

  • import the MIDI-file to your sequencing software (Cubase and Logic are easier to use than Sibelius for this exercise);
  • set the locators so that “left” is at the beginning of the file and “right” is at the end of the file, 2 bars later;
  • click the “cycle” command to “on”.

The two- bar file should now repeat as many times as you like until you click “stop”.

Before you use the file with a class make sure that you can:

  • mute and unmute tracks
  • balance the volume of the different tracks

For tips on how to do this see Sequencer Tips and Tricks and the manuals of your software.

You can use any instruments you like for this: two players to a small xylophone even!
Groups can be as large or small as you want them to be.

Listen to the MINIMODO (repeats) MIDI file for an impression of your basic material.


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