Piano teaching materials

‘Merlin the Marvelous Musician’

The composer, Tony Triggs, is a respected piano teacher of beginner and intermediate pupils and director of the International Song Project, which links children who write poems with children who can set them to music, thus building bridges of friendship and song across the oceans. His collection of miniatures, ‘Merlin the Marvelous Musician’, comprises over 20 pieces. Here are three pieces which are representative of the collection, all of which aim to interest minds as well as fingers!

Solemn March

Automobile Blues


Tony believes that adding phrasing and articulation should be the task of the learner. It is through discussion around these aspects that pupils learn to understand the ‘whys and the wherefores’ of the music and start to feel confident enough to write their own music.

For more about Tony’s pieces for learners please get in touch with contact@amphionmusic.co.uk; for more about the Song Project please go to http://norfolkhomelearning.com/international_song_project