Music for the Stage

Music for the Stage

My Antonia: A one-act musical comprises a prologue and six short scenes, based on Willa Cather’s eponymous novel and designed for young (teenaged) singers, a small band of players of intermediate standard (typical of many high schools), a small group of dancers, up to 10 main acting roles and chorus.

Duration: 45 minutes. Solo actor/singer roles for 3 boys and 2 girls. Further solo acting roles for 5 others. All six songs have substantial chorus involvement (ideal for  singing in he  classroom, as well as in project time). Flexible orchestration based upon 2 violins, viola (or clarinet), ‘cello, guitar, 2 flutes and piano, with optional parts for trumpet, oboe and accordian.

The musical takes place in Nebraska in 1904. It is the story of the European settlers to the Mid-West, of their trials and tribulations, of their joys and their aspirations. Its relevance to and exploration of modern multi-ethnic societies is very strong. Cather’s book My Antonia is an IB World Literature set text. Copyright: J Mason & C Ellwood.

Listen to the overture and the opening chorus

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