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All-embracing music pedagogic help initiative on-line
Allumfassende musikpädagogische Hilfsinitiative online

This Site is intended to help music teachers (in classrooms or in small group/individual tuition) by:

  • providing materials which are graded according to different criteria (difficulty, stylistic chronology, etc), but are flexible enough for students of wide ability  to enjoy
  • providing materials which may be easily applied, whether just one or several computers are available – or even none at all!
  • giving you materials which are practical, easy to use and easily editable for your own teaching situation
  • supporting these materials with helpful texts and useful links
  • placing the materials in a context of necessary prior experience and showing possible directions for further development

To encourage maximum inventiveness and musical purposefulness the materials are deliberately NOT related to any specific curriculum. You can adapt the materials to your own environment with ease. Although all materials are presented in English, many materials are presented in languages other than English.

Please read the remainder of this page before moving on to the AMPHION INDEX (materials in English)

To use the site well you will need a music sequencing software package (typically, Sibelius, Logic, Finale, Cubase) and a General MIDI (GM) keyboard or synthesizer. Modern browsers play the sound/midi files presented here without any plug-ins. However, the sound quality is no comparison to that which you will achieve with dedicated music technology.
To be able to access text and some non-editable scores you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

AMPHION is intended to be an interactive site.

Not only are your comments very welcome, but your ideas and materials are also necessary for the site to thrive. There is a standard format for teaching projects on the site and you should try to fit in with this as far as possible when sending materials to the site.

The Site is managed by John Mason. John has a wide ranging experience leading music departments in state, independent and international schools in the UK and Europe. He has well established roles in music education at the universities of Reading and of Buckingham. He is an active musician and his current portfolio of self-employed work includes schools consultancy and inspection and translation.   Please email him on: contact@amphionmusic.co.uk

The Site Manager reserves the right to edit any materials sent for inclusion on the site. The author of original materials will always be credited. Suggested improvements for projects will not be credited unless the contribution is substantial.

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